Bathroom Renovations Tips from Experts

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Top Tips on How to Renovate Bathrooms

Your bathroom is one of the most important parts of a modern household. In fact, most home buyers always consider this part of the house before cashing out. According to modern home designers, the bathroom’s design should address the needs of the owners whether physically and spiritually.   

The following are the tips that will help you during the renovation period of the bathroom:

(1) Gauge the bathtub’s parameter before cashing out

Buying a big bathtub is not always good. According to bathroom designers, a tub that is 60 inches is already enough for one’s needs; with this size, you can be able to stretch your legs and attain foothold. Other things that you should check when buying a tub is the back, lip and neck comfort. If you choose a small tub, make sure that is has an extra deepness.

(2) Selection of fixtures that are elegant

Instead of installing vanity cabinets that are blocky, replace them with pedestal sink designed with graceful lines. You can also add clawfoot tub to function as a sculpture inside the bathroom. Play along with lines in order to achieve elegant look.

(3) Invest on stylish mirror

One major mistake in installing mirror in the bathroom is it is being installed all over the room. Make sure that the you only have single mirror installed over the sink. Aside from that, make sure that you supplement it with another mirror that is mounted on the wall; it can be adjustable depending on your needs.

(4) A flooring that is durable

As a homeowner, you should make sure that the flooring is water resistant; according to experts, the best materials to be used as flooring can be marble, ceramic, and stone tile. To add more comfort, you can also install subfloor heating to make sure that the surface is warm during winter. To achieve another level of class and style, you can also design the floor using hard wood. Hard wood has natural warmth that no longer requires heating coils.

(5) Make use of empty space

To make the empty space functional, you can always recess storage cabinet against the wall. In this way, you get to maximize the vertical space.

(6) Secure the shower area

Modern houses are designed with showers that have open concept. It means that the shower area no longer requires more curtain and door.

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