The Common Ways You Can Do Right Now to Cut Energy Bill

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How to Cut Energy Bill

In recent years energy bill become one of the most common problem in many households in United States. Due to different appliances present in your home the consumption of electricity increased. There are few simple ways to minimize the energy bill. This article will help you to solve your problem.

32The simplest and easiest way to minimize energy bill is by turning off lights when they are not used. Go around your houses and turn off all the lights for those places that are not in use. Incandescent light bulbs or the Edison bulb consume a lot of power than those modern lights. If you are using this then it is about time to decide shifting into LED. However there are some home designs that incandescent bulbs are very useful like bathroom, closet, and kitchen if using such bulb can’t be avoided at least turn them off if not in use. LED can be expensive but they last long and the consumption of power is not that high. They behave more like a traditional light and not too warm when use.

Some lights may also differ from power consumption depending on your wiring. According to electricity team at Youthful Home Electricity, old wiring requires a lot of energy to make the bulb light up. It is common that a 60 watts bulb uses 0.060 kWh per hour. Imagine if you have two to four bulbs in each bathroom or other area in your home which makes for 120-240 watts of wasted electricity per hour. Aside from the bulbs that you are using a laptop uses about 40 to 60 watts and a 27-inch iMac takes about 130 watts with the screen on and everything powered up. Think again, if your home is full of appliances and all of them are plugged an in use? You may think that shutting off a light doesn’t make any difference then think again. The best way to make every family member follow you is to show them exactly how much power they’re wasting by not doing this.

Unplug stuff you rarely use. Even a TV or a treadmill that is in standby mode they are still consuming power as long as they plugged. There are some appliances or gadgets that still draw power when they’re plugged in but off. Such phenomenon is called vampire drain. Some equipments and electronic devices are designed to do such thing. You’ll need to physically unplug these things from the wall to eliminate any power consumption when not in use and avoid overheating that may cause fire and other serious problem. Stop being lazy, it might take an extra minute to find the cord, plug it in and switch on the electronics when you need to use them. Unplugging them is not painful.

Don’t use your AC if it not necessary. Air conditioning power usage is a very high. They consume a lot of power compare to other electronics in your home. If it is not too hot you can open your window and allow fresh air to enter your room, many Americans don’t use electric fan. Such electronics consume less energy which is ideal for not so hot weather.

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