Contract Ideas for the Best Foundation Repair in Kansas City, MO

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How to Do a Foundation Repair Contract?

Once you have received a foundation inspection and have selected a foundation repair company, they will submit a foundation repair contract to you. The foundation repair company will have a standard contract that they use for all of their jobs. You can tell a lot about the quality of a company by the verbiage in their contract. Make sure they include what type of repair method will be used for the foundation repair in Kansas City MO. There are numerous types and each has its advantages and disadvantages. Do some research online to determine if this type of repair method will give you the long term solution you need. Check out these foundation repair contract items in Kansas City, MO that you need to include:

Foundation RepairWorkers

Some foundation repair companies contract out their repair work. You are more assured a quality repair if those that do the actual work work for the repair company. Contract labor tends to be not as skilled. You don’t want a worker to learn how to install a concrete piling on your house, official site.

Scope of the Repair

All contracts should include the scope of the repair. For example, how many piers will be installed? Where will they be installed? What will the repairs accomplish? Also, ask about what amount of time will be needed for the repair. If you have plans for your home, you may want a timeline included in the contract. Most repairs take 2-3 days.


Often times a foundation repair will include landscaping work. This should be detailed in your foundation inspection report whether your landscaping is negatively effecting your foundation and soil. A foundation repair may damage the landscaping when accessing the foundation from the exterior. Make sure this is spelled what if any damage may occur and whether or not the repair company will replace or repair what they damage.


There are a couple of concerns about plumbing when reviewing your foundation repair contract. Leaky water and sewer lines underneath your foundation slab could be the cause of a foundation heaving. The contract should spell out how this will be repaired. Consider also that the act of repairing your foundation could cause damage to your plumbing. Make sure this is addressed in the contract. For example, the repair company is responsible fixing any damage caused by their repair.


If you have a finished basement, there’s a chance your flooring will either need to be removed or will be damaged during the repair process. Make sure the foundation repair contract details how this will be resolved. Will the foundation repair company in Kansas City, MO remove, replace or work around the flooring? This may be avoided entirely however. If the repair company is able to access under the foundation slab from the outside, the slab itself can be left alone. This is the best possible solution.

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