The Different Types of Bail Bonds in Dallas, TX

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What are the Types of Bail Bonds?

Bail bonds in Dallas, TX are surety bonds used to guarantee the entire bail amount if the accused party fails to maintain the terms of his or her release. A bail bondsman generally pays the court a large ‘blanket bond’ to cover multiple clients, like home design provider, which they charges each client 10% of his or her total bail figure as a cash guarantee. These cash bonds are considered bail bonds and are generally non-refundable if obtained through bail bondsmen. The main benefit to the client is not having to spend all of his or her time in an unpleasant cell until the trial date.

16Bail bonds Dallas TX can be obtained in most areas of the United States 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Bail bondsmen generally stay available on an ‘on call’ basis whenever they are away from their offices. The concept of bail bonds for the release of jailed individuals is generally limited to the United States. Many other countries have other methods for creating financial or moral incentives for accused parties to appear in court. There are a number of different bond types:

Surety Bond

Agents work with insurance companies who provide the financial backing for the bonds. A bail bond that is secured by an insurance company is known as a surety bond. This agreement is backed by an insurance company contract signed by the person and the bondsman on behalf of the insurance company. There has to be enough cash or collateral to cover the full amount of the bond in case the defendant misses his or her court date.

Property Bond

If a defendant has property, like a house, they may be able to use it in place of putting down cash. The court will put a lien on the home and will be able to sell it if the defendant skips out on any court dates.

Release on Own Recognizance

In some instance a judge may release the defendant without setting bail. This usually only happens when the defendant is accused of a low level crime and they’re not considered a flight risk.

Cite Out

If a suspect is caught doing something illegal an officer may issue them a citation requiring them to appear in court in lieu of booking them into jail.

Immigration Bond

If someone you know has been detained by the Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) department an immigration bail bond in Dallas, TX can get them released until their hearing is complete.

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