Effective Ways to Improve Privacy in Home Decks

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Home Deck Improvement

Home nowadays are built closer and closer together. You are lucky to have 10 to 20 meters of gap or distance from your neighboring house. But if the house design you just bought is only a few meters from the next houses, you should consider your privacy. One of the parts of the house that can be easily seen from the road is the yard, but if you don’t have the yard then all eyes go straight to the deck. Nobody likes people prying on their houses, like not having your own space at all.

37If you do have a deck, you should consider improving it to make it less revealing to your nosy neighbors. Sure it is another expense but think about the advantages it could bring to the security of your house and privacy of your family. There are plenty of clever and attractive ways to make your deck more private without spending thousands of dollars. Take the example below.

  1. Add a privacy wall. This is the same like the privacy fence that is used to block a view. You can find ready to install privacy fences and walls at your local home depot. These fences and walls can come in different designs and materials. If you would like a personalized privacy wall or fence, you should find a fence specialist nearby. A privacy wall or fence to give you a perfect and secluded retreat.
  2. Planting a tree is the cheapest solution. There is no need to buy anything from the store. Think about a fruit tree or ornamental tree that is suitable to live under the weather conditions in your area. Plant one or two in your lawn. As it gradually grows big, your deck and your property will have a soft and natural privacy you need.
  3. Hang some hanging plants. This should be easy and you can choose either to buy from the local depot or make your own hanging plants. Visit the local depot nearby and find plants that can survive outdoors while hanging. Search online on how to make a vertical garden that you can hang at your deck. You can go beyond the simple hanging baskets you find at the store by recycling empty plastic bottles and paint them with unused paints.

4. Utilize privacy screens. You have the option to buy this from a store or make your own privacy screen. This is less permanent than fences so you can move this from one area to another. There are also privacy screens made from sheets of fabric that appears like curtains. These are easy to put together and hung on rods. Another inexpensive idea to keep your home deck more private.

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