Making Critical Decision for San Antonio, TX Bail Bonds

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Deciding for Your San Antonio Bail Bonds

If someone in your family is in jail, the very first intuition that you will is to have him or her out of jail. However, paying for the bail is one of the most difficult things that obscure the way. It is not all the time that you have the exact amount of cash to pay for the bail. The most common solution that people in trouble are using nowadays is through bail bonds in San Antonio, TX.


However, making a wrong decision when it comes to contracting a bail bond will leave you in debt. Before you sign the bail bond contract, it is important that you talk to a seasoned defense lawyer first. To help you figure things out, there are some of the tips to follow:

Know about the fees.

If your love one goes to the jail, you should hope that the offense is bailable because if not he or she will be sentenced into a lifetime imprisonment. If the case is bailable then you can always make use of the bail bonds from a local provider. When getting this type of premium, make sure that you know how much the fee is. Most of the time, bail bonds companies are charging 10%. If the bail is $100,000, it simply means that there is the need for you to settle the amount of $10,000 as the premium.

Know about the bonds referred by attorneys.

If you do not have huge amount of cash for a 10% bail bond premium, make sure to always channel help from a district attorney or a criminal defense attorney. If your bond is referred by a lawyer you get a 2% discount, from 10% down to 8%. It simply means that you can relatively lower a $1000 amount from a $50,000 bail amount. This is good for your love one because you will enjoy a 2% discounted bail bond plus you also have an attorney at hand; it is like hitting two birds with one stone. Visit for more info.

Before getting bail bonds in San Antonio, TX, make sure that you know the cost and the premium well. Before closing the deal with the bail bond provider, ask the professional opinion of a seasoned defense lawyer. With the right bail bond, your love one will be out from the jail soon.

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