How to Repair and Prepare Your Garage Door in Phoenix, AZ for Winter?

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Tips to Help You Prepare Your Garage Door for the Cold Weather

g6Winter is approaching but that doesn’t mean it’s too late to repair your garage door in Phoenix, AZ for the harsh winter weather that’s approaching! Before you settle in for the long winter, make sure your garage door is ready to withstand all of the cold and snow issues that are bound to happen. Follow these tips and toughen up your garage door this winter.


The weather seal at the bottom of your garage door may seem like it can last for forever, but like the cables and hinges, the weather seal can start to wear away, too. When this happens, the possibility of animals crawling underneath in search of warmth and shelter increases. Not only that, but a worn away weather seal will result in cold air creeping under the door which leads to increased energy usage and higher bills. And if your weather seal isn’t in the best condition, water can leak in, creating puddles in your garage which can freeze and become a hazard.


One reason a garage is such a convenience is because it doesn’t allow your car to be exposed to the elements. It’s great walking out in the morning and not have to worry about scraping any new snow that may have fallen overnight in your home improvement. But what about a cold garage? It’s certainly no fun when you get in your car and it’s freezing cold because your garage isn’t properly insulated. Another good reason to insulate your garage door is that it will help to keep the energy costs down. Adding insulation may not seem like a repair, but it can dramatically extend the life of your garage door and subsequently your garage and items inside.


The importance of fully functional garage doors can be taken for granted when they’re always in good condition. But the moment the necessary parts within the garage door mechanism starts malfunctioning, you notice. Take the time to repair and maintain the intricate parts of the garage door, such as the cables that can warp and snap due to the cold, leading to danger for door users. Hinges, Rollers & Tracks also need to be lubricated every three months for safe usage. You need to do this immediately to avoid danger in your home during winter. You don’t want to get cold on your feet. So, this tips will surely make sure that your garage door is repaired in Phoenix, AZ and is ready for the winter weather that’s approaching.

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