Silk Carpet Cleaning in San Antonio, TX – Different Methods of the Experts

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Silk Carpet Cleaning Methods

carpet-cleaning22Silk is a beautiful fabric. If you own a silk dress, you know why many people love silk. Well silk is not just used for fashion clothing. Silk is now one of the fabrics use for making carpets. It is quite unacceptable for some to buy silk carpets and just step on it. Others buy silk carpets for decoration instead of placing it on the floor.

Silk carpets are expensive, if you find authentic silk fibers. When you are offered with a cheap silk carpet, you should be careful. It is a natural fiber and one of the strongest too. However, it can lose its strength when it’s wet. Your shimmering carpets can turn into a nasty looking rug when it loses its strength and texture.

Professional carpet cleaning in San Antonio, TX is usually hired for the maintenance of silk carpets. It’s not cheap, so you should consider this as well when planning on picking silk carpets for flooring. ¬†You should be at least familiar on how to clean your silk carpets.

In removing debris of dirt and grime from silk carpets, a vacuum is your partner. It is best to vacuum at least once a week. Check the suction brushes first because if all the brushes could clean, but only a few of them are gentle in cleaning. Roller and beater brushes can damage the silk carpets. You can also use a broom but do it gently. You can tell if the silk carpets need cleaning if you shake it and dust of clouds appear. Hand washing of silk carpets is also a good idea. It is often followed by a pre-treatment for stains.

In eradicating odors from stains and spills from silk rugs, vacuuming is still helpful. Aside from that, baking soda is an easily available ingredient that you can even find from your pantry. Let it sink down to the affected area for an hour, it will do its job. Another is the combination of water and vinegar. Don’t pour concentrated vinegar on your silk carpets. You only need the slight acidity of the vinegar so it must be mixed with water. This solution works wonders in removing odors and germs too. Use a spritzer or a spray bottle to mist the silk carpets with the cleaning solution.

In keeping your silk carpets in top shape, consider hiring professional services for carpet cleaning in San Antonio, TX. They have everything that is needed in order to professionally clean silk carpets. From the brushes, equipment, to cleaning solutions, they’ll give your silk carpets a refreshing look. There are different methods in cleaning carpets. The best method is according to what works best for you, your carpets and your budget.

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