Ways to Add Wow Factor to Your Home Using Low-Cost Ideas

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Make Your Home Beautiful

Making your home look beautiful again doesn’t require a general home remodeling. You can improve your home through simple ideas. Sometimes it’s just a dash of creativity and artistry. Being experimental and playful will surely make your home look new. You can transform a room from the ordinary to the extraordinary within a day.

Home Improvement20Here are ways to add a bit of style to your home and take it from dull to wow!


If you are trap with your boring paints it is about time to go bold! Sometimes basic color doesn’t give your house beauty and style. Don’t be afraid; paint it with shouting colors to pop out the beauty of your home décor. Bright and striking colors look amazing paired contemporary accessories. Using black or white paint is applicable if you have modern style home. Re arrange the furniture or have a garage sale and buy new one from the thrift store. You can find interesting furniture here that cost few dollars only. If you have cabinets, you don’t need to dispatch them, try to repaint it with a contrasting color.


Try graphics. It creates statement and wow factor to your space. You can add oversized graphics in your wall instead of plane color or mural paint to add character. You can also use vinyl graphics instead of traditional wallpaper. You can also use repeating graphics to add loudness in your room. Match it with simpler accessories and furniture. If you are going to have a black and white graphics you can incorporate a bold colored furniture. Make sure that they are properly coordinated.

Peculiar Shapes

Incorporate your space with odd shapes. This is ideal if you have a modern contemporary design. There are irregular shape furniture that is available in the market today. However, if you don’t want to spend too much you can simply recycle your old furniture and reconstruct. However it requires a lot of work and time. Using oversized art work in your wall with odd framing will surely make your space a different vibes. If using odd shapes make sure not to over decorate your home, let the volume speak on its own. You can also use peculiar shape chandelier or lighting with bold color light. It will create a different color when reflect in your wall and ceiling.


Indoor plants will not only create green and refreshing color but it can give style to your home. You can use cactus and succulents if you have an industrial style home or apartment. Incorporate it with metal and stones.

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